Mental and Bone Health Awareness Session at LUMS, Lahore

November 08, 2018

The month of October is being celebrated by Chughtai Lab as the month of Mental and bone health. Chughtai lab as always believes in not only creating awareness about diseases and health conditions but offering their solutions to the common man as well.

Maintenance of mental and bone health is extremely significant for the overall well-being of human being and affect their performance. There could be multiple reasons behind poor mental and bone health. One of the common thing found in most people suffering from anxiety and depression is vitamin D deficiency. Awareness seminar was organized on 8-11-18 at Lahore University of Management Sciences with the help of the Event management society, a comprehensive presentation was given by our senior medical specialist at Chughtai Medical Center, Dr. Mehreen Farooq.

The doctor clearly outlined the multiple reasons behind poor mental and bone health and highlighted the role of vitamin D not just as a vital vitamin but as a hormone which is essential for the body. Multiple symptoms were listed in her presentation that should be considered alarming and dealt on an urgent basis. She further said, “ No one should ignore these symptoms, and get their levels tested.”

She further advised vitamin D rich food and encouraged students to make sure that they are taking the food that is advised and are keeping a check on their diet. Moreover, she said, if the deficiency is proved, Vitamin D supplements should be taken unless the vitamin D levels are maintained, then it could be kept maintained by food. The presentation was followed by Q&A Session and students participated wholeheartedly. Flyers, bands, and discount Coupons were further distributed among students