Community Education

Chughtai Healthcare Community Education Program is curated to engage the community in healthy activities and discussions to reach out schools, colleges, institutes, organizations, and public spaces.

Our sessions are exclusively designed to enlighten children and adults on topics important for their health and well-being. We also have started digital community engagement to ensure the community gets updated with the latest health news and trends.

For children, we offer sessions on:
• Good Bacteria Bad Bacteria
• Germs Are Not for Sharing
• First Aid Training
• Lab Tours
• Storytelling sessions
• Latest Health Trends (Smog, Flu, Dengue Fever, etc.)

For adults, we offer sessions on:
• Women Health
• Heart Health
• Breast Cancer
• Common cancers and their prevention
• Importance of annual screening and testing
• General Health Awareness
• Waterborne Diseases
• Disease Trends (Diabetes, Hepatitis, Thyroid, Bone Health, etc.)

To be a part of our community education initiatives
Contact us at: communityeducation@chughtailab.com

Community Education

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