Frequently Asked Questions

Miss Faiza Mehmood (HR Department) Contact: 0345-6511022 Email: cip@chughtailab.com

Contact Number is 0345-6511022.

You can call or Whatsapp us at 0345-6511022 or email at cip@chughtailab.com

World class Lab, Well equipped latest technology, Research Opportunities.

Yes, you can always call us or WhatsApp at 0345-6511022

Chughtai Lab Head Office, 7 Jail Rd, Main Gulberg, Lahore

Prof. A. S. Chughtai & Dr. Omar Chughtai (Histopathology), Dr. Ayesha Imran (Hematology).

No, CIP does not offer to pick and drop facility at the moment.

Yes, CIP is providing Lab discounts and sponsorship for attending conferences and seminars.

Child care center, Library, subsidized cafeteria.

Yes, you will have to perform your duties in morning and night shifts.

Four slots in Histopathology and Two slots in Hematology are available.

Histopathology and Hematology

The application deadline is 10 th February, 2020.