Mr. Syed Tauseef Hussain Bukhari
Head of Human Resource
Meet Mr. Bukhari, a seasoned individual with a remarkable talent for nurturing interpersonal connections and a staunch advocate of the open-door policy. With a distinguished track record spanning over 16 years in the field of human resources management within esteemed organizations, Mr. Bukhari ardently champions the advancement of human capital through cutting-edge policies and the modernization of HR methodologies to achieve organizational objectives. His professional philosophy is rooted in principles such as autonomy paired with accountability, a dedication to continuous improvement, and an unwavering commitment to outcome-driven strategies.
Mr. Bukhari embodies qualities of empathy and compassion, exemplifying a deep-seated enthusiasm for fostering the growth of individuals. He is a true people person, consistently demonstrating his passion for human development.
Ms. Sana Amir
Head of Lab Services
Meet Ms. Sana, a visionary who began her journey at Chughtai Lab in 2004, rising from Laboratory Technologist to Head of Laboratory Services. With National and International training, including ISO-15189 and College of American Pathologists (CAP) workshops, she thrives on innovation and proactive strategies. Proficient in Conflict Management, Leadership Styles, and Managerial Skills, she's driven major projects and steered through crises like Dengue and COVID-19. Her accolades and unwavering commitment make her indispensable to Chughtai Health Care. Rooted in "Leading the Way," she fosters her teams with Communication, Positivity, and Creativity.
Mr. Saqib Shahzad
Manager International Operations
Mr. Saqib is a seasoned professional, he specializes in meticulous data analysis, extracting invaluable insights for informed business strategies for expansion and international operations. He operates under the philosophy that internal customers are unique individuals with distinct needs, fostering partnerships based on efficiency, reliability, and integrity. Mr. Saqib's confidence in his team is unwavering; he values their diverse expertise, which synergizes to create a cohesive unit.
As a compassionate leader, he prioritizes mentoring for his team's success within defined timelines.
Mr. Saqib Khan
Chief Information Officer
Mr. Saqib stands as a core pillar of dedication and sincerity within the IT department. He approaches challenges with unwavering enthusiasm and a drive to effect tangible transformation through solving intricate technological enigmas. In his role, he shoulders the responsibility of establishing the bedrock for automation. By devising governance protocols for Network and Systems utilization, he aids operational units in attaining essential functionalities.
His collaborative nature shines, as he consistently extends his support to his team and colleagues, propelling IT advancements across the Chughtai Healthcare network.
Ms. Madiha Jabeen Chohan
Business Financial Controller
In her role, Ms. Madiha leads the formulation of systems and controls that harmonize processes in alignment with strategic vision and business blueprints, geared towards optimizing profitability, strengthening cash flows, and mitigating risk and costs. Her professional voyage showcases a diverse spectrum of expertise, encompassing strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting, financial analysis, project management, as well as audit and risk management.
Endowed with adept interpersonal finesse, she fosters an environment conducive to achieving organizational milestones. Infused with vitality, she radiates a positive aura, a trait she ardently instills within her team members as well.
Ms. Javaria Khan
Chief Commercial Officer
With a wealth of experience spanning over 13 years, Ms. Javaria Khan stands out as a seasoned expert in Sales and Marketing. Her impressive journey includes prestigious positions in diverse sectors such as Education, Entrepreneurship, Design, Infrastructure, and Healthcare, both on a national and international scale. This extensive background has not only garnered her acclaim within global leadership spheres but has also led her to take on roles as an inspirational speaker and visiting lecturer at renowned universities.
Rooted in her unwavering commitment, Ms. Khan's achievements are underpinned by values of Innovation, Creativity, Professional Dedication, and a Proactive Mindset. These principles are instrumental in shaping the profound impact she makes in all her professional pursuits.
Mr. Issa Khan
Deputy CFO
With over 15 years of distinguished service in higher management roles, encompassing financial strategies, business planning, and intricate financial oversight including budget management, Mr. Issa stands as a true authority. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders, he skillfully orchestrates financial transactions to harmonize with overarching organizational objectives. He has expertly managed multifaceted assignments and led critical finance transformation projects, focusing on enhancing processes, transparency, forecasting accuracy, and regulatory compliance.
His leadership is marked by an inspirational style that fosters inclusivity, valuing inputs from all corners for the collective betterment.
Ms. Amber Fida
Head of Customer Experience
Ms. Amber Fida, is an advocate for exceptional customer experiences. Her role involves overseeing patient and Customer Service operations. She's dedicated to improving patient care strategies, ensuring that every visitor receives outstanding service from our team. Ms. Amber believes in using clear steps to solve problems and focusing on the reasons behind them. Her approach is about finding solutions that not only fix issues but also make customers happy. An inspiring leader and a stickler for perfection, Ms. Amber is here to ensure your experience is top-notch.
Syed Ali Raza Gillani
Head of Legal
Mr. Gillani is an accomplished Attorney known for his innovation and success. His strength lies in crafting inventive case strategies and crafting compelling briefs. He excels in fast-paced environments, seamlessly adapting to the ever-evolving demands of the legal landscape. With over 11 years of experience, he's proven his ability to secure favorable outcomes in court cases, thanks to his keen attention to detail, conscientiousness, and organization.
Having specialized in appellate litigation across various courts nationwide, Mr. Gillani possesses extensive expertise in trial preparation, research, and drafting legal documents. He approaches cases with a combination of determination and analytical thinking, consistently delivering results that make a difference.
Orda Suleman
General Manager- Karachi Region
Meet Ms. Orda, a compassionate leader committed to impacting lives positively. With a deep belief in the value of making a difference, she's dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare services to our patients within the haven of their homes. Drawing from her experience in the UK's healthcare sector, Ms. Orda has pioneered the establishment of Chughtai Healthcare's Home Care department, ensuring its seamless and successful operation. Her work is driven by the central principle of providing outstanding patient care alongside contented caregivers in the realm of home care services. For Ms. Orda, fostering Professional Development is achieved through adept Team Management and an Empowering Leadership approach.
Usman Shakoor
Head of Inventory
Usman Shakoor stands out as a seasoned inventory professional with extensive analytical expertise. His impressive track record showcases his adeptness in optimizing inventory systems, especially within healthcare environments. What distinguishes Usman is his forward-thinking approach that not only ensures immediate efficiency improvements but also lays the foundation for sustained long-term growth. With a focus on healthcare, Usman excels in refining inventory setups, demonstrating his skill in navigating the complexities of this sector. His leadership style goes beyond quick fixes, aiming for lasting and meaningful progress. Usman's ability to lead teams effectively amplifies their potential. His exceptional foresight allows him to anticipate future needs and strategize accordingly.
Usman Rabbani
Head of Internal Audit
Usman Rabbani is a growth-oriented professional with a diverse background in finance, audit, taxation, and company secretarial work. As the Head of Internal Audit, his career trajectory reflects a strong commitment to enhancing organizational efficiency and compliance. With a comprehensive understanding of financial intricacies, Usman has excelled in managing audits and ensuring regulatory adherence. His adeptness in taxation and company secretarial tasks further underlines his well-rounded skill set. Throughout his journey, Usman's dedication to continuous improvement has yielded results that contribute to both operational excellence and sustainable growth.
Ms. Rehana Kausar
Consultant Chughtai Public Library
Ms. Rehana Kausar serves as a Library Consultant at Chughtai Public Library, where she adeptly oversees various projects, including the Human Library, the Library on Wheels, and the Digital Library. With a strong focus on library innovation, automation, and digitization, she possesses extensive expertise in efficient library management. Her primary goal is to advance knowledge, cultivate a love for books, and encourage reading within the Chughtai library network.
Under her guidance, the Chughtai Public Library is actively fostering knowledge and awareness through diverse initiatives. Known for her unwavering resilience, Ms. Rehana offers valuable support to her team and contributes significantly to the broader organizational objectives.
Mr. Muhammad Latif
Manager Maintenance
Meet Mr. Latif - a diligent and dedicated professional responsible for a spectrum of pivotal roles. From spearheading maintenance operations and spearheading new site development to orchestrating outdoor activities and facilitating coordination with external entities, Mr. Latif is the embodiment of hard work and commitment. In his role, he takes charge of holistic maintenance endeavors across nationwide collection centers and medical facilities, infusing every task with unwavering enthusiasm. A vital asset to the team, Mr. Latif is recognized for his rapid and efficient facilitation of any maintenance requirements within Chughtai Healthcare projects. As a trailblazing member of the Chughtai Network from its inception, Mr. Latif's contributions have been instrumental in propelling the organization toward success. His journey exemplifies dedication, diligence, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.
Muhammad Jamil Khan
Head of Purchase
Mr. Jamil brings over 19 years of industry expertise to the table, with a strong foundation in data-driven decision-making. He spearheads supplier evaluation, contract negotiation, and product quality assessment. His role also involves supervising purchasing agents and buyers. His career journey has seen him excel as a management consultant, where he played a pivotal role in optimizing operations and enhancing overall management efficiency. Additionally, his tenure as the Head of Audit underscored his commitment to precision and accountability. Muhammad Jamil Khan's track record underscores his dedication to leveraging data as a transformative force, making him an invaluable asset in the world of management consulting.
Jehanzeb Ali
Chief Pharmacist
Mr. Jehanzeb is a highly qualified pharmacist with a decade of experience in the field of pharmacy services. His extensive knowledge and expertise make him a valuable asset in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, Jehanzeb has held diverse roles, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to excellence As a Quality Audit Officer, Jehanzeb ensured that pharmaceutical products met the highest standards of quality and safety, underscoring his dedication to patient well-being. His tenure as a Community Pharmacist allowed him to directly impact the health of his community, providing personalized care and advice to patients. Jehanzeb Ali's multifaceted career showcases his unwavering dedication to the pharmaceutical profession, making him a versatile and highly capable healthcare professional.