Pakistan Hepatitis Alliance

Chughtai Healthcare spearheads a transformative initiative to combat hepatitis, a pressing health concern in Pakistan. At its core, the program prioritizes early detection through cutting-edge screening services, crucial for curbing the disease’s progression. Beyond diagnostics, Chughtai Healthcare actively engages communities, offering educational outreach to raise awareness about hepatitis prevention.

This initiative extends its impact through strategic collaborations with health organizations, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach. Leveraging technology, the healthcare provider enhances accessibility to services and information, while also advocating for widespread vaccination to fortify community immunity. Rigorous impact assessments underscore Chughtai Healthcare’s commitment to measurable, positive change, positioning the initiative as a beacon of hope in the collective effort to eradicate hepatitis and promote enduring community health.

For Patients

Steps in treatment

  1. Screening.
  2. Find nearest Chughtai lab or call 03-111-456-789 for free home sample collection service.
  3. Get doctor’s consultation.
For Corporates

Write us an email at info.sales@chughtailab.com and book a medical camp where we can organize an awareness session & Hepatitis screening camp at your facility.

Pakistan Hepatitis Alliance

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