Diabetic and Endocrine Clinic

Chughtai Healthcare provides a one-stop solution for diabetes and endocrine care, following the international guidelines of the American Diabetes Association USA.

Our Diabetic and Endocrine Clinic is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care and treats patients through a structured process:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Vital Check
  3. Check-up by the Consultant
  4. Retinal & Foot Examination
  5. Counselling by a Nutritionist

Following facilities are available at our Diabetic and Endocrine Clinic:

  • Diabetes Educator Counselling
  • Diet Counselling by a Nutritionist
  • Diabetic Foot Examination
  • Digital Eye Scan
  • Weight & Height Measurement
  • BMI Calculation
  • Blood Sugar Check-up
  • Blood Pressure Check-up
  • Access to Pharmacy
  • Laboratory Tests
  • X-ray & Ultrasound
  • Vaccination

For further assistance feel free to contact Aap Ki Sehat Ka Number 03 111 456 789.

Address: 154-CCA, Sector DD, Phase IV Adjacent to NADRA office, DHA, Lahore

Pin Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/YjJvCfXvJNxGW6XUA

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Diabetic and Endocrine Clinic

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