Clinical and Forensic Toxicology

Chughtai Lab’s Toxicology Testing facility is equipped to provide laboratory solutions for comprehensive testing determining the possibility of drug abuse.

Our state-of-the-art instruments make our tests reliable and efficient.

We offer the following tests currently:

  • Screening Panel for drugs of abuse in Urine samples
  • Confirmation Panel for drugs of abuse in urine, blood and hair samples
  • Qualitative confirmation of Cannabinoids in urine
  • Quantitative confirmation of Cannabinoids in urine
  • Serum Vitamin A
  • Serum Vitamin E

Who can benefit from these tests?

  1. Schools, colleges and universities
  2. Law enforcement Agencies
  3. Civil Aviation
  4. Psychology & Psychiatry Clinics
  5. Rehabilitation centres


Doctors can perform a toxicology screen if they suspect a person is taking life endangering illegal drugs. Helpful in investigating activities of a criminal nature and can provide conclusive support. The above mentioned tests can also help in screening personnel during service and pre-employment. It can also help in reducing the risk and tracing the chain of drug abuse in youngsters.


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