Chemical Pathology

Chemistry & Immunology

Clinical chemistry and Immunology is the back bone of any modern diagnostic lab

Lab uses top tier automated analyzers from manufactures of international repute. The Central Lab in Lahore is equipped with the Abbott Architect Ci8200, Abbott Architect i1000SR, Siemens Immulite and the Diasorin Liaison.

The Ci8200 was the first Architect instrument to be installed in Pakistan. It is an integrated instrument with a C8000 routine chemistry module and an 12000 immunology module. The two modules work together to perform all of the required chemistry and immunology tests from one sample in a single run. The Ci8200 can perform more than 1000 tests per hour.

The Siemens Immulite 2000 is used to perform food and environmental allergy testing.

Chughtai Lab operates STAT Labs in Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi and Karachi. These labs perform many common chemistry and immunology tests, dramatically reducing reporting time. All of the STAT Labs are equipped with automated analyzers of the same standard as the Central Lab in Lahore. Using automated instruments al all of these labs enables us to maintain the same high-standard of quality across the network.

Chughtai Lab uses the Diasorin Liaison and the Abbott i1000SR instruments for Vitamin D testing.

Chemistry & Immunology

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