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Health Awareness Session at Pak Canadian Trust School

Chughtai Lab believes in equal and impartial health and education for all. As a part of our educational campaigns, we conducted a health hygiene and infection control workshop for the children at Pak Canadian Trust School for the underprivileged in the underdeveloped area of Nooriabad Sindh.

Chughtai lab has taken over the task of making sure no child in Pakistan irrespective of their financial status should be deprived of health awareness and screening.

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Seminar on “Understanding and managing DLBCL”

Chughtai Institute of Pathology arranged a seminar on “DLBCL in the year 2019” on 2nd February 2019. This seminar discussed the understanding and managing of DLBCL in a better way. Known consultants including Dr. Abbas Khokhar (Mayo Hospital), Dr. Rana Fayyaz Anwar (Chughtai Institute of Pathology), Dr. Ayesha Imran (Chughtai Institute of Pathology), Dr. Misbah Masood (Inmol), Dr. Zeba Aziz (Hameed Latif), Dr. Bushra Ahsan (SKMCH) and Dr. Usman Shaikh (AKUH) delivered lectures on various aspects of DLBCL. Consultant Hematologists, Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Histopathologist, Radiologists from different institutes and many FCPS Residents participated in the seminar.

This one-day seminar was about DLBCL starting from its clinical presentation, diagnosis and new modalities for treatment. Speaking on the occasion, Dr.A.S. Chughtai (CEO-Chughtai Lab) said that Chughtai Institute of Pathology aim is to spread knowledge and encourage such educational activities in the future.

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Dawn Lifestyle Expo | Karachi

Chughtai Lab participated in the Dawn Lifestyle 3-day expo held in Karachi expo from February 1 to 3. With a commitment to serve, we have successfully catered the Karachites by offering them free doctors consultation, blood sugar, and cholesterol testing.

Chughtai Lab strives for excellence by providing quality testing as well as guidelines on how to live a healthy life. Dr. Tahira, National Marketing Advisor at the lab, also briefed the individuals who visited the stall about the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment of common health conditions like diabetes and heart.

We are thankful for her commitment to serve that is aligned with the goal of the lab. The event was a big success as it drew a large number of audience who were curious to learn about their health status.

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Seminar on Laboratory perspectives of Diabetes Mellitus

Chughtai Institute of Pathology arranged a seminar on “Laboratory perspectives of Diabetes Mellitus” with the collaboration of the Pakistan society of chemical pathologists on 26th January 2019.

Known consultants including Dr. Salma Haq (Sharif Medical and Dental College), Dr. Sajida Shaheen (Combined Military Hospital), Prof. Aasim Mumtaz (Central Park Medical College) Ex-president Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists, Prof. M. Dilawar Khan (Chughtai Institute of Pathology) and Prof. Muhammad Anees (King Edward Medical University) delivered lectures on various aspects of Diabetes Mellitus. Consultant Pathologists, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Residents, and Senior Lab Technologists participated in the seminar.

The seminar aims at creating awareness about laboratory perspectives regarding diabetes mellitus. Speaking on the occasion, Dr.A.S. Chughtai (CEO-Chughtai Lab) said that we welcome such informational and educational activities in future also to assist practicing and aspiring Endocrinologists, Pathologists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Residents, and Senior Lab Technologists.

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#BeatDiabetes Awareness Session by Chughtai Lab

An awareness session was organized by Chughtai Lab on World Diabetes Day in which Provincial Health Minister Prof Dr. Yasmin Rashid was invited as Chief Guest while Consultant Endocrinologist Dr. Syed Abbas Raza was a keynote speaker.

This awareness session was organized in reference to our campaign #BeatDiabetes and its sole purpose was to spread awareness and information about Diabetes. Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Health Punjab stressed on timely diagnosis of diabetes to avoid further medical complications.

She said that Diabetes is not associated with one individual, even the whole family suffers from it. A number of physical disorders are faced by female diabetic patients during their pregnancy. Health Department Punjab will soon initiate health education and awareness program at government schools, she added. Consultant Endocrinologist Dr. Abbas Raza said that every fourth person is affected by diabetes in Pakistan.

We have limited diabetes to “Sugar” but it causes many other issues like heart attack and kidney failure. If it (diabetes) is not found in your family history, it doesn’t mean you are out of risk, he clarified. Head of Chughtai Institute of Pathology, Prof. Akhtar Sohail Chughtai says, Diabetes is not just a concern of any single organization, every individual and institution must play its role to combating the disease.

A large number of medical practitioners, pathologists and students participated in the event.

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MOU Signing ceremony for the digitization of rare and old Pak-o-hind literature

Lahore: Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm have signed a memorandum of understanding for the digitization of archival literature of Pak-o-hind.

Chughtai Public Library, as a part of their free access to education, has taken yet another step further and successfully signed a memorandum of understanding with Dar-ul-ilm to digitize the archives of Pak-o-Hind. Through this MOU, thousands of antique books will be scanned and become available at the digital repository of Chughtai Public Library.

The ceremony was held between Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm on September 1st, 2018 at Chugtai Lab Head office. To survive in the digital age and stay relevant, libraries need to be digitized as people are taking less interest in reading books. Chughtai Public Library has not only introduced the concept of reading rooms but has also taken initiative to preserve our history through their scanning projects. It will make future generations realize what were we in the past and what are we now.

By making them online and accessible, it will become easy for them to read. Prof A.S Chughtai said, that our purpose is to scan old books, digitize them and preserve them for the future so that our future generations can take benefit from our rich history.

There are thousands of antique books of which some are 200 years or even 400 years old. Usman Rizvi, the owner of Dar-ul-ilm said we started Dar-ul-ilm in 2006 and we are happy to partner with Chughtai Public Library, as now assets of our forefathers can be preserved with the support of Chughtai Public Library.

Teachers and scholars from various institutes attended the ceremony. The chief guest and keynote speaker, Haroon-ur-Rasheed, the renowned journalist, also attended the ceremony and said, “there is no life of kings, the real life is of that beggar who has the knowledge of books and has friends with books.

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Hepatitis Awareness Session at Venture Dive, Lahore

Chughtai lab as part of its “Hepatitis Free Pakistan” campaign held yet another very successful activity at the Venture Dive in Lahore.

Chughtai Medical Centre doctors gave a detailed talk on the deadly disease and explained the impending risks and asserted the importance of screening for its timely detection with complete treatment guidelines made available to all the workers. Those present were offered an entire day of discounted screening and testing.

A doctor was available to cater to individual queries and offer consultation and counseling free of cost. A lot of related literature was distributed in the form of flyers to educate the attendees and a lot of material was on display to spread the message with visual impact.

Overall it was a very informative and educative experience for everyone present. Chughtai Lab continues to endeavor in finding the missing millions suffering from this silent killer so they may be treated well in time before its progression into a fatal disease.

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The thing is to know how we can fight this heat wave, how can we beat this hot weather by Chughtai Lab

Beat the Heat Wave!

“Perhaps we need to cool down!!!”

Ever wondered why you are so angry these days? Why are you getting into a brawl with almost everyone? Problems at work and home? Pending work load and that constant feeling of being extremely tired!

Congratulations! You are officially “the hottest guy/girl around”.

Though it’s kind of flattering to be called “hot”. Perhaps not around this time of the year! With sky rocketing temperatures and the extreme heat wave. The sun might just be getting to your head.

Petty fights over a parking spot turning to vengeful battles is only a reaction  to your constant discomfort due to our heavenly companion “the sun” . A taste of the hell fire perhaps each day seems to be getting hotter than the previous.
Whether it’s the sun getting closer or we are enabling it through our concrete jungles the truth is it is unbearably hot.
People are dying and people every day are falling extremely sick.
There are tons of flyers out there to tell you about heat stroke, heat wave and heat exhaustion and Google is loaded with information on what you can or should do about it.
But we feel we need to address it more according to where we live and how we may handle it in our country keeping our culture, circumstances and environment in mind.

We all know what it does to us in terms of making our body temperature really plummet, our head throb with headache, dizziness and that fainting feeling with your child’s school calling in to tell you she collapsed during the morning assembly, nose bleeds, sun burns on the skin: those red patches turning dark over your cheeks, extreme muscle pain and weakness making you feel so drained like you have just run a marathon with a ton on your head, a rapidly beating heart that is thumping in your chest, hot and dry skin that looks as parched as those cracked mud fields you saw on TV when they showed droughts in Somalia.

Nausea at the sight of food, though you are hungry and it’s your favorite meal and throwing up the moment you try to have it. All this and feeling cranky, angry, delirious and confused and one word to sum it all; very very uncomfortably intolerably hot!

The thing is to know how we can fight this heat wave, how can we beat this hot weather.

Almost every region has its dress in accordance to its weather. Culture actually springs from the weather: neither religion nor nationality makes you wear what you do.

The pagri or pag the pride and honor of our ancestors and the loose airy muslin tehmat were the dress for a purpose. When the Arab in the desert wears the loose fitting white thobe and agal on his head, he did so to beat the heat wave. The much spoken hijab or loose covering to cover the head isn’t just a mark of modesty it’s a protection from the ruthless sun.

Loose light coloured clothing that is airy and made of our own grown cotton with a suitable head cover protected us then and can protect us now. Not that everyone can wear a tehmat or pag now but they certainly can avoid figure hugging spandex nylon and rayon in dark dyed shades. Our lawn industry isn’t flourishing for no reason! And we should promote it by wearing local.

Then come our houses. Those huge verandas and roshan dans of nanis home had a purpose. That jute ki charpoy or cot with air passing through it and a cotton quilt on it. With khas on the windows a plant mesh that tied to the windows and soaked with water would make the breeze pass through it cooler. Placing the fridge outside the room with least number of electronics and a tub of cold water with ice to soak our hankies in.

All these measures helped us beat the heat. Undoubtedly the trees around helped and there were shady spots and open fields. The least we can do now is keep windows open on both sides for cross ventilation.  Replace foam mattresses with cotton quilts. Replace metallic bed frames with jute ones. For those who can afford the air conditioner and the generator it’s a blessing to stay indoors and for those who can’t; such measures can help.

The less we use these machines the less they contribute in heating it more for others around us. Hanging the herb mesh we use in air coolers over windows, keeping the drapes drawn are simple little things that can make a difference.  For those who can we should install as many solar panels as we can to harness this energy.

A major overhaul in our cities planning but since that is something beyond our control at least the houses we construct should have huge windows.

Now let’s address as to what we can do and should be doing so effortlessly on a daily basis. It’s simpler than you think! Just go back to your roots when it comes to diet and drinking.
Our own conventional diet was organic, pure and the most suited to us. The famous imli aloobukhara (tamarind and plum juice), sikanjbeen (lemonade and modern day ORS to beat dehydration), aab shola (raw mangoes with black salt and fennel saunf), sattoo (barley water), lassi (buttermilk), podina chutney (mint and lemon chutney) what we may now consider obsolete are proven to be the healthiest and rehydrating drinks and diet.

They are neither diuretics nor dehydrating, kidney straining, sugar laden diabetes causing, sodium loaded And blood pressure raising or preservative and dye filled fizzy sips of poison that we so proudly consume in the name of sodas and drinks. These were and continue to be scientifically proven to be the healthiest options to keep the body and it’s fluid and electrolyte levels in control.

Not having too much meat or oil in summer and having the seasons vegetable and fruit that God has provided for in a particular season is an answer to it all. Having frozen processed foods from a storage isn’t a luxury rather it is a strain on our health.

So let’s just follow these simple little steps and go back to being who we are in pride and confidence. Cause nanis are never wrong and their totkay carried their love. It was hot then too but people weren’t dying or as sick. Yes, let’s plant trees, minimize concrete and all that but to begin with what we can now and for our own health we are what we eat. We are known for what we wear and how we live and we shall beat these summers !

Wishing you all a joyous summer. Enjoy the nights and make the best of what we can, helping who may not be as fortunate with the kind of facilities we may have by encouraging healthy organic vendors and local national lifestyle where we can. Nothing is more “cool” than being original!

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The Silent Killer – A Story of You and Your Loved Ones

She came home excited. Little zara had her ears pierced. Shiny white pearls were glistening in her tiny ears. I’m going to be able to wear your earrings henceforth she excitedly proclaimed !

Hussain looked like a prince from a fairy tale.

The barber had done an amazing job. His well trimmed beard and chic hair cut made him outstand  amidst everyone. This groom was going to rock it.

Abbas was so happy to hold his baby daughter in his hands. She was like an angel. His wife Sadia was  however unwell.she had lost a lot of blood during the delivery. They had demanded an immediate transfusion. Abbas had sought blood like a madman. He had to save his child’s mother. A beggar outside the hospital offered him his blood in return for some money and he had agreed.anything to save her life and the moment

Fouad had just graduated with honours. And like all his friends it was time for a vacation. It was beautiful in Thailand . Beaches and the sun. Yet youth has its forbidden temptations calling and he had given away to it night when it had gotten a bit too much to his head he doesn’t remember much but woke up in a tattoo massage Parlor/ night club with a random woman who had looted him off his valet or for then that’s all it seemed like.  His arm had a tattoo across it and his eyes seemed heavy.he had gathered his clothes and buried his harmless little sin in his heart for years to come

Life goes on and yes it does . We dream,we aspire,we work towards our goals and then we wait to relish it’s fruit. And so we’re Zara,Hussain, Abbas and Fouad focused in their lives.

Zara had completed high school and was aspiring to join college. She had always wanted to be an astronaut.

Hussain had set up his own small business and it was running well. He had plans to have a happy married life with his beautiful wife and 2 kids and eventually start a restaurant of his own .

Abbas had just bought a new home for sadia and they were planning to set it up .after all these years of hard work it was finally time to enjoy n relax.

Fouad was now a very successful doctor .And was back from the USA after completing his residency.he planned to have his own practice

But…… Life is what happens when we least expect it . Today I met them

Zara Hussain Sadia and Fouad lying in the same ward grappling between life and death.

With swollen fluid filled bellies, delirious minds, a wasted appearance,pale yellow eyes,tired sick and dying…….dying of a condition better known to us as hepatitis

Hepatitis is a word we hear so frequently. Yet how many of us really know what it really Is,what caused it,what are its complications and what can be done to prevent it and how can we treat it, how serious is it and how is it affecting our nation and our future.

Hepatitis  is basically a liver  disease where in our liver the main detoxifying organ of our body gets injured and as a result gets  inflamed.

Inflammation is not only a painful swelling but a condition that impairs the normal functioning of an organ. Alcohol,drugs and viruses can cause hepatitis. The viruses responsible are A,B,C,D and E. the liver produces proteins in our body, It gets rid of unwanted toxins and stores glucose along with many other vital functions. When it gets affected not only are these functions impaired but the rest of our body functions including kidneys, brain and lungs get affected as well.

At the beginning what might appear as nausea,vomiting,fever, abdominal pain,weight loss,poor appetite,yellowing of skin,lethargy  and dark urine with all symptoms of jaundice if left undetected and untreated can first evolve into a more severe form causing fluid accumulation in the lungs and limbs, and impair the brain. Before it turns into fatal liver cancer.  Hepatitis A and E are what are better known to as only jaundice where in the patient suffers from a short term illness and is cured completely in 2 to 3 weeks. These only cause fever and nausea and the person stays sick for a while .with medicines they are cured and back to normal. Contaminated food and unhygienic conditions being the main culprit as the route of transmission is oro fecal.

Hand washing and proper food handling with practices discouraging outside food and stressing the importance of sanitary hygiene is sufficient to prevent it .

Hepatitis B and C are what cause long term illness and are the silent killers. Hepatitis C is most common in our country. Thousands of people carry it not knowing it and spread  it and this is what makes it an epidemic. Before they themselves discover it  a decade later they have  not only infected so many others but also this symptom less silent monster inside  them has by then caused  irreversible liver damage  to them leading to liver cancer.

It is this awareness that is pivotal and the need of the hour. The common man needs to know how is this deadly disease spread and what are the precautions needed. Had fouad  zara Abbas and Hussain known they would not be at the stage they are today.  Hepatitis virus is transmitted via blood, semen,Saliva and other body fluids. Use of infected toothbrush,needles,blades,scissors and transfusion of infected blood, from an infected mother to her child and unprotected sexual intercourse. This is how Zara was pierced with an infected needle in her ears. The blade the barber used on Hussain while shaving his beard,the blood Abbas had arranged for his wife to be transfused with and the tattoo needle and escort fouad had encountered in his trip all were infected.  Infected and carriers that sowed in them the seeds of this deadly killer . Little had they known how careful they should have been in using contaminated needles and blades they wouldn’t have met this fate. And even if they had acquired the virus a regular screening test with hepatitis B and C screening would have detected it in time. As part of as an annual check up,pre employment routine, pre admission requirement or even a general physical examination in a regular doctor’s visit could have identified the culprit in time . A course of oral medications or injectables called interferon  would have cured them. A PCR polymerase chain reaction test would detect the quantity of virus left and establish the efficacy of the treatment and hence would have ensured that no more people were infected by the carriers and their own disease would never progress to such a grave level where they would lose not only life quality but would have to struggle to remain alive.

There is nothing more painful then helplessness in the face of death .

The turmoil of watching a loved one succumb to this and the incapacity to be able to snatch from life a few more moments to cherish is a test no one should have to endure.

Just a little awareness and timely screening with compliant treatment could have saved all these lives,ensured all these dreams.

We didn’t just lose aspiring professionals,great ideas,magnificent discoveries and beautiful families we lost life in the face of a disease that could so easily be prevented and cured.

The Qur’an repeatedly reads as God tries to tell us that there are signs for those of you who want to find . And we ignore them. Signs are right there speaking to us to take timely action but we in our oblivious ignorance wait till it’s too late to complain.

We at our lab are about hope. We are a mission.  We are a health reform . A movement. We are here to help free Pakistan of this disease via tests,screening, vaccination, awareness and treatment . We are here as dream catchers to hold on to those innocent soaring ideas that need time and a fair chance in life to evolve into the butterflies they deserve  to be . And we shall ensure that.

Let us today join hands to spread the word . To fight it back.  To erase it from its core . Let us hand our children a hepatitis  free healthy Pakistan….

Article By: Dr Tahira Shahid 

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