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Pre-Ramadan Free Medical Consultation at Chughtai Medical Center

CHUGHTAI LAB organized 2 day “Pre-Ramadan Free Medical Consultation at Chughtai Medical Center” located in Lahore & Multan on May 4th and 5th, 2018. The medical camp aimed to provide quality medical care under one roof. Hundreds of people visited Chughtai Medical center to find out whether they are fit enough to fast and what should be their ideal diet.

Consulstants of various specialties e.g Medical specialist, Cardiologist, Gynaecologist, General Physician, Urologist, Skin specialist, Eye specialist, Gastroenterologist, Psychiatrist, ENT specialist, Occupational Therapist, General Surgeon and Neurosurgeon were available to provide free consultation to all the visitors. The visitors appreciated the services of Chguhtai Medical Center and recommended their friends and families to avail services of Chughtai Medical Center. The free camp was accompanied by special Ramadan Screening packages along with 20% discount on radiology services and 12% discount on Chughtai Pharmacy.

Chughtai Medical Center is currently working in Lahore and Multan at following locations.

  • Chughtai Medical Center, Lalik Jan Chowk, plaza no 09, CCA Sector T Phase II, DHA, Lahore
  • Chughtai Medical Center, 194-CCA, Sector DD, Phase IV, DHA, Lahore
  • Chughtai Medical Center, Shalimar link road, Shabnam Plaza Opp Shalimar hospital, Lahore
  • Chughtai Medical Center, Nishtar Road, Multan

You can book your visit with our specialists any time by calling at Aap ki Sehat Ka Number 03111456789.

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Hepatitis Free Pakistan

Chughtai Lab Aims for Hepatitis Free Pakistan

Come join us in ensuring a hepatitis free Pakistan.

Hepatitis is a liver disease that affects a majority of our population. The major reason being a complete lack of awareness of its causes, means of transmission, available screening options and treatment modalities. We at Chughtai lab aim to bring to you a complete awareness and screening package to cleanse our nation of this fatal disease.

Get 30% off on Hepatitis tests now – Free home sampling



  • Test Details: HBsAg, Anti HCV
  • Starting Date: 23rd July 2017
  • Ending Date: 29th July 2017
  • Total Price: 3000/-PKR Discounted Price: 2100/-PKR

What is Hepatitis and its types?

Hepatitis is liver inflammation that can be caused by alcohol, drugs or viruses. The viruses mainly responsible for causing this liver disease are hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

Hepatitis causes:

Hepatitis A and E are spread via the oro fecal route that is primarily by contaminated food and unhygienic conditions. They cause only short term illness and can be cured completely with treatment. Proper food washing and cleanliness can help us eradicate them. Hepatitis B and the most common hepatitis C are spread via blood transmission, from mother to child, unprotected sexual intercourse, use of infected syringe, needle, blade or any activity involving exchange of body fluids be it blood, saliva or semen. They cause long term illness and can remain silent and undetected for years before causing liver cancer. Hence timely detection is extremely essential to initiate treatment before they are spread or progress into fatal liver cancer.

Lab tests to diagnose Hepatitis:

Screening tests are available at our lab so that you, Your family and your employees, domestic servants or anyone that you may know may be tested in time. Timely detection allows immediate treatment with interferon and drugs both oral and injectables that can cure the person. A PCR test detects how effective the treatment has been in eradicating the virus from the blood

Symptoms of Hepatitis:

Hepatitis commonly manifests as fever, yellowing of skin, dark urine, swelling of limbs, accumulation of fluids in lungs and abdomen, brain gets affected in later stages, difficulty in breathing and an impairment of complete liver functions that include detoxification and protein synthesis primarily along with many others.

Hepatitis vaccination:

Hepatitis vaccination is also now available to prevent the disease.

Chughtai lab at affordable prices and with the most reliable testing methodology using state of the art laboratory technology aims to bring you to timely detection, complete awareness , prevention and the right treatment.

Together we can create a hepatitis free Pakistan. Come avail this opportunity today, Learn about this disease. Understand it and join hands us with us in fighting it. We shall do it together …

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