During our lifetime, there would be several times when you will feel you’re done with your life, stumpy and old. There are times when things feel like getting away from you, out of your hand and betraying. Please don’t do that to yourself. There is always a way out to reboot your life. It’s […]

Your brain is one of the most important organ in your body. But your thought process is much more influential. Your thoughts dictate who you become, what you do and the kind of life you lead. How can you think of having a negative thought and still expecting to have a positive impact. When a […]

Science : Study of nature Nature : Created by ALLAH ALLAH : ALLAH has no limits to go  “The one who can explore himself can know the secret of this science”.  For us science is the study of nature where a thinkable mind can explore not only this beautiful creation (WORLD) of the Allah but can also explore […]

If you have the courage to begin then you have the courage to succeed. Courage is the power that keeps you moving forward even when you know the path will be uncertain and hazardous. We on daily basis have many ideas and innovations in our mind. We do want to execute them but the only thing that […]

  Yes I can; I am hopeful; Let’s expect the best. These are phrases we often practice in our daily lives thus showing an attitude and behavior that is positive and has worth that at least if something did not happen then definitely it was for a reason.  And a person is thankful for whatever […]