During our lifetime, there would be several times when you will feel you’re done with your life, stumpy and old. There are times when things feel like getting away from you, out of your hand and betraying. Please don’t do that to yourself. There is always a way out to reboot your life. It’s not that you are getting old or losing it, it’s just your typical daily routine has bored you to its core.


You can try these reboots to pullover you life once again. These reboots can give you a refresher in your routine.

Stretch: Stretch your body well before getting out of bed because that relaxes your body muscles and makes it more flexible for a challenging day. You can stretch it on the bed or may do some exercise moves.

Self- Meditation: Take out time for self-meditation and reboot yourself from all the frustrations and energies that you have exhaled.



Eating Habits: Try to divide your meal in a smart and healthy ways because what you eat have a strong impact on your health and how you look.

Control finances & Save money: Be careful about your expenditures and save money. A well-planned person can fulfill all of his/her goals and targets during their lifetime. Don’t wait for the right time; make the time right for yourself.


Set a Calendar: When a person doesn’t have a calendar their life automatically gets disturbed. If you expect a life to do miracles for you, make a plan for whole day and set goals for your life. The purpose to set goals is that you would have always something to achieve.

Reboot your Environment: If you feel like you’re going to drown in stuff every time you enter your house, get a fresh start by rebooting a room. Choose a room of your house in which you spend a lot of time and do the following:

  • Take everything out. You want to end up with an empty room, which will allow you to see how open and free the space feels.
  • Step back and visualize the ideal look of that room.
  • Only put back the things that you need, love, and use (and which really belong in that room).
  • Go slowly, starting with the most essential items.

Once you see how neat and organized everything looks in your newly rebooted room, and how much space you’ve created in that room, you’ll probably be inspired to reboot every room in your house

Reboot your wardrobe: If you have nothing to wear, nothing fits me, everything here is either stained or missing buttons, and then for sure you need a makeover. Completely transform your wardrobe because you are what you wear. Try new things because it’s never too late to see what you are capable to pull off.

Reboot your looks: Can you imagine yourself wearing same clothes each day? Hope so no! Then how can you keep the same looks each day? Keep experimenting with your looks (haircuts and hair colors). This will make you feel fresh, rebooted and people will acknowledge you as a very stylish and gutsy.

Take a break: One should plan for holiday once a year to different destination each time. This is best relaxing self-therapy. Following same routine around the year will make you feel overloaded and bored. Re-treat yourself sooner or later around the year.


Activities: You should plan an activity to practice each day like: Gym, exercise or some type of sport. As we all know we are social animals and socializing is really good. You can even try to make new friends and the bigger social circle you the happier you can be. A person who has many friends can never be alone.


Your brain is one of the most important organ in your body. But your thought process is much more influential. Your thoughts dictate who you become, what you do and the kind of life you lead. How can you think of having a negative thought and still expecting to have a positive impact. When a person starts taking a lot of stress, workload, and perceive things negatively, it starts effecting your life.


No! We are not asking you to forget about your problems, instead we are helping you to make a few changes and have a chance to minimize your problems. Because too much of stress would do nothing good for you but affect your brain instead.


Are you ready to revive yourself?

You are going to increase your positive focus and start to even the balance. We find a happy medium where we can address failures and challenges without letting them get us down, leaving us more motivated, productive, and likely to succeed.


Try these three tips for a positive change

1. Express Appreciation


“Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”

Thinking about the good in your life can help balance that bias, by giving your brain the extra time it needs to register can let you remember a positive event. To help your brain store positive events, reflect on what you’re grateful for, at least once a week. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than grandest attention.

2. Keep repeating positive proclamation

What you are and what you’re capable of is your strength. Let people around know about your strengths in your own specific way. Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. If you repeat positive affirmations each day you are training your brain to believe in them. Present two or three affirmations each day to show you aims and goals, such as I can handle whatever comes my way.

3. Change negative thoughts

Each time negative thoughts arise we decide how to react to them. Let’s make it easier; don’t react. We are the ones who dwell it. Failing and falling is a part of life. Bad things happens to everyone, you are not the only one suffering so try to deal with things with softness and let some things get amended with time. Let thought don’t take over your life because they are just thoughts. Don’t give life to it.


Science : Study of nature
Nature : Created by ALLAH
ALLAH : ALLAH has no limits to go 

“The one who can explore himself can know the secret of this science”. 

For us science is the study of nature where a thinkable mind can explore not only this beautiful creation (WORLD) of the Allah but can also explore him selfWe are living in this 21st century where we have every type of facility and the best thing of this era is mind with healthy thoughts, which particularly youngsters have. But we are just lacking at resources how to utilize them in a peaceful way to show this world that how much we are willing to go with science. As ALLAH always sends his Prophets for our guidance, similarly we need guiding minds that can interact with growing, innovative minds to shape and move them in right path to achieve the blessings of science in a fruit full way. Science makes us to conquer this world, it makes us the king of this universe and we can control everything under our fingerprints. Science gives us the power to utilize energies of nature for the mankind like solar energy, water energy and wind energy to make electricity.

 “It’s amazing how far you’re willing to go when someone believes in you”. Katie Kacvinsky
Every picture has two aspects to look at, one is positive and the other is negative. Similarly in case of science it also has both the aspects but we should be willing to go with positive side of science only. O science! How can you help me, if am just talking about my soul to explore this world? Science definitely answers me my dear object just understand my characteristics, my properties and my benefits and my drawbacks and then find out your compatibilities with me. Put your views and ideas in my understanding in such a way that we together can move long. Match my characteristics with your thinking, so you can get the best results from me and use my benefits for your innovative attitude and overcome my drawbacks and cover them under your benefits. So we are willing to go long with you science, as we want to make each and every creations of this world at equal status by demolishing the inequality
There should be a relationship of love between science and us so that we can believe in each other and go long. The knowledge of science comes from the contribution of many different cultures and people. Access to science knowledge develops confidence, positive self-image for all learners, regardless of culture, gender, race social class or religious beliefs. If you want to investigate and explore science then you should use the inquiry skills. Inquiry is a circular process and drawing conclusions after inquiries can take the learner to build new meanings, understanding and knowledge. This helps develop their sharp critical thinking, reasoning and decisions making skills.
Science is a person who has every characteristic to make the survival of life easy it;s just on us to find out compatibilities with it and make our journey the happiest of ever, when we are win love with it then we all know how long are we willing to go with it 🙂



If you have the courage to begin then you have the courage to succeed. Courage is the power that keeps you moving forward even when you know the path will be uncertain and hazardous. We on daily basis have many ideas and innovations in our mind. We do want to execute them but the only thing that limits our 100 percent effort is the outcome and final result of our innovation. Apart from the innovations, there come various constraints in your way that demotivates you and demoralize you. Such factors most of the time never let you share your idea of innovation but later you realize that’s the same idea that has been executed by some one else.
Do you know what’s the difference between both of you? It’s the courage and an initiative towards innovation. We have seen many great leaders and the only success story they have is the courage and the belief they have on themselves. Making innovation reality involves risks and most importantly you have to face the possibility of failure and opposition from peers. 

Now what’s next? You must be wondering you have an innovative idea, whose success will create another success story but you still have fear. Gather all your courage and go for it. It’s important to give your 100 percent to your innovative idea because an execution demands your complete potential.

 courage powers innovation


Following are the attributes that are adopted by leaders and will help you in making your innovation a success.

1.    Have a positive attitude: Having a positive attitude is one of the most important things that assist in implementing your ideas with confidence. It is very essential to recognize the fact that by changing the inner attitude of your mind, you can change the outer aspects of your life. When you daily have a choice regarding your attitude that makes your day then why not have a positive attitude? Its far better then a day full of negative vibes that will only result in discouragement. You should have a positive attitude regarding your abilities, as it’s the only key to make improvements.

2.    Believe in yourself: You have a phenomenal idea, you gather all your courage, you took the initiative, you have bare many constraints, but what if you do not believe in yourself? It will only hinder your potential and you will not be able to accomplish much. Believing in yourself makes you confident more than anything else.

3.    Face challenges with courage: Push your innovation to completion by facing every possible challenge with courage. A courage that is the leading power, that makes you shine in majority, that helps you in taking next step with more firm grounds.

You can rise and shine if you know what you actually want. Remember some points that will sustain your courage first learn how to effectively deal with haters, don’t let your fears become bigger than your reality and most importantly don’t take simple things in life fore granted. If you have these attributes then your innovation will definitely going to mark another history. Best of luck with your innovative ideas


Yes I can; I am hopeful; Let’s expect the best. These are phrases we often practice in our daily lives thus showing an attitude and behavior that is positive and has worth that at least if something did not happen then definitely it was for a reason.  And a person is thankful for whatever he or she has.  Hence a positive attitude matters for a healthy and peaceful living. 

We as a human being are surrounded by positive and negative thoughts. There are different factors that contribute in our personality development and play a key role in building our positive and negative behaviors and attitudes.  The norms and values of your family, your cultural background and most importantly what you think about yourself, these all contribute in determining your positive behavior. When we think of doing almost anything, then we do imagine possible results and potential drawbacks that are so obvious, hence very normal. But what if the fear of drawbacks overcome your talent and ability for struggle and become an obstacle in achieving your goals and targets?



positive attitude
Once negative thoughts start dominating, we experience a shift from positive to a negative behavior. We become restless, impatient, anxious and most importantly we do not communicate, thus leading us away from our normal selves. It is very significant for a successful living to overcome negative thoughts and remain confined and determined to your goal.Following are some tips that will help you in overcoming your negative thoughts and will motivate you to never give up and keep moving.


Think positive

  1. Stop thinking in extremes. For example if you think that exams are coming and I am going to fail completely that’s something that will keep your morals down. Think but in a neutral way.
  2. Most importantly don’t minimize the positives.  Indulge into a habit of accepting unexpected and start seeing setbacks as temporary and specific rather than permanent and persuasive.
  3. Negative thinkers always blame themselves for all the negative happenings. Stop blaming your self and start visualizing positives in a broader perspective with all pros and cons of particular happenings.
  4. It’s very important to surround yourself with positive thinkers. This will give an inspiration of good happenings and let you go out of your narrow-minded thoughts.
  5. Remember one more thing no body is perfect. Mistakes are part of life. If you have made a mistake then consider it a part of life. Learn form your mistakes and move forward.
  6. Do appreciate yourself. If you have done something and have achieved something then mention it for sure.
  7. Exercising will help you keep you motivated. When you get an abrupt positive response in form of weight loss, muscle development, they further assist you in developing a sense of doing something positive for yourself.
  8. Self- motivation is very important factor in developing a positive outlook. Start discovering your motives and keep your enthusiasm high to achieve your goals.


be positive and happy
Hence an outlook towards your life, towards your self, towards your feelings all adds up in building an optimistic life. Moreover if you believe you can, then it’s just your optimism that keeps you moving on your track. Just hope for the best and believe that you can because impossible is a word that itself says I AM POSSIBLE 🙂