Sehat k Rang

Sehat k Rang

Are you passionate about arts and want to win Sehat Kay Rang 2022?

Hurry up pick your brushes and paint your masterpieces for Sehat Kay Rang 2022.

What is Sehat k Rang Competition?

Sehat K Rang is an art competition initiated by Chughtai Healthcare to promote health and creative thinking in individuals. Participants have to translate their perception of health into art and submit their entries to us before the deadline.

What are the categories of Sehat K Rang Competition?

All genders, age groups and professions are encouraged to participate.

We have 3 different categories.

  • category 1: student from Grade 1-5 will be included
  • category 2: we will be having students from Grade 6 – A levels
  • category 3 we are also providing a chance to Professionals/Adults/Others

Are there any selection criteria for the paintings?

These art pieces are evaluated based on our criteria which includes;

  • Concept of the artwork (what your art reflects)
  • Idea execution
  • Submission within the deadline
Sehat k Rang


Winners will be rewarded with 10,000 cash prizes and certificates and the other participants will also get certificates.

Dates of the Sehat k Rang Final Ceremony will be announced soon, the ceremony will be held at the following Chughtai Healthcare Headoffice 1. Lahore: 7 Jail Road Main Gulberg 2. Karachi: Plot no. 2, Block 3, P.E.C.H.S, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi

The final ceremony will be held at both head offices of Chughtai Healthcare (Lahore and Karachi).

The final ceremony will be held at our head offices (Karachi and Lahore) and where we will display all our paintings

No, this competition is for all ages.

If you have participated in our Sehat k Rang competition then you have already registered for our final ceremony, there’s no registration required for it.

Yes, all the participants will be rewarded with certificates.

there will be two winners from each category.

No, all submissions must be made to our head office (Lahore and Karachi) at the provided addresses.

Our theme is Health and Nature you can draw or paint anything that in your opinion best reflects the theme into artistic expression. They may or may not be interlinked.

You can use any size for the Canvas.

The last date of submission is 15 Aug 2022

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