During our lifetime, there would be several times when you will feel you’re done with your life, stumpy and old. There are times when things feel like getting away from you, out of your hand and betraying. Please don’t do that to yourself. There is always a way out to reboot your life. It’s not that you are getting old or losing it, it’s just your typical daily routine has bored you to its core.


You can try these reboots to pullover you life once again. These reboots can give you a refresher in your routine.

Stretch: Stretch your body well before getting out of bed because that relaxes your body muscles and makes it more flexible for a challenging day. You can stretch it on the bed or may do some exercise moves.

Self- Meditation: Take out time for self-meditation and reboot yourself from all the frustrations and energies that you have exhaled.



Eating Habits: Try to divide your meal in a smart and healthy ways because what you eat have a strong impact on your health and how you look.

Control finances & Save money: Be careful about your expenditures and save money. A well-planned person can fulfill all of his/her goals and targets during their lifetime. Don’t wait for the right time; make the time right for yourself.


Set a Calendar: When a person doesn’t have a calendar their life automatically gets disturbed. If you expect a life to do miracles for you, make a plan for whole day and set goals for your life. The purpose to set goals is that you would have always something to achieve.

Reboot your Environment: If you feel like you’re going to drown in stuff every time you enter your house, get a fresh start by rebooting a room. Choose a room of your house in which you spend a lot of time and do the following:

  • Take everything out. You want to end up with an empty room, which will allow you to see how open and free the space feels.
  • Step back and visualize the ideal look of that room.
  • Only put back the things that you need, love, and use (and which really belong in that room).
  • Go slowly, starting with the most essential items.

Once you see how neat and organized everything looks in your newly rebooted room, and how much space you’ve created in that room, you’ll probably be inspired to reboot every room in your house

Reboot your wardrobe: If you have nothing to wear, nothing fits me, everything here is either stained or missing buttons, and then for sure you need a makeover. Completely transform your wardrobe because you are what you wear. Try new things because it’s never too late to see what you are capable to pull off.

Reboot your looks: Can you imagine yourself wearing same clothes each day? Hope so no! Then how can you keep the same looks each day? Keep experimenting with your looks (haircuts and hair colors). This will make you feel fresh, rebooted and people will acknowledge you as a very stylish and gutsy.

Take a break: One should plan for holiday once a year to different destination each time. This is best relaxing self-therapy. Following same routine around the year will make you feel overloaded and bored. Re-treat yourself sooner or later around the year.


Activities: You should plan an activity to practice each day like: Gym, exercise or some type of sport. As we all know we are social animals and socializing is really good. You can even try to make new friends and the bigger social circle you the happier you can be. A person who has many friends can never be alone.


We don’t always eat just to satisfy hunger in fact we tend to eat in order to fix our emotional problems and seek for comfort and stress relief. But does it help? I don’t think so. Stress eating may take your mind off of the disturbing situation for some time but later it will make you feel worse because not only does the original issue remains, but you also feel guilty for consuming some extra calories. Moreover, when we feel bored, lazy or have too much work on your shoulder, it may lead to unplanned snack attacks.
Sometimes we do consume small size comfort foods. (I often go out and buy an ice cream after a stressful day or just eat the entire chocolate bar to satisfy my sugar craving). But what we don’t realize is that irregular doses of stress eating may not be physically dangerous however they can quickly develop into a habit, which may lead to obesity. It becomes problematic when it is the only way to calm and soothe your self. We should look for other no calorie activities to replace those food cravings with healthy exercises. Because emotional eating comes on suddenly and tips to mindless eating, we must plan out our course of action to avoid such intake of food.
First it is essential to learn to differentiate stress eating from physical hunger. Now how to tell if its emotional eating or not? The first indication lies in the fact that you eat when you are not physically hungry. You keep on eating even when you are full only to overcome the anxiety and stress. Cravings may easily be triggered by an emotion such as anger, anxiety, or boredom etc. Watch out for instant mood swings, they result in over eating.
You can control the comfort eating before it harms you physically and emotionally. All you need to do is focus and relax.  Primarily, It is important to recognize your emotional eating triggers to overcome the instant food cravings and compulsive overeating. Following are some tips to avoid the stress eating:
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Ask yourself if you are really hungry.
  • Keep a food diary.
  • Find support. Share your problems with your friends and family.
  • Fight boredom. Socialize and find outdoor activities.
  • Remove the food. Limit the supplies of comfort foods.
  • Reward yourself. Treat yourself with your favorite foods every once in while.
  • Eat healthy snacks.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Consider counseling.
We all feel depressed, ignored, jealous and angry. It’s healthy to have emotions but it is not at all healthy to compensate it with comfort eating. Try to avoid stress and maintain a balanced life style. Plan your day accordingly and complete your work before the deadline to avoid the 11th hour workload. Stay calm and avoid emotional eating.

How often do you feel alone and helpless? Do you feel like the world is your enemy? Are you depressed? If you think everyone talks about you behind your back then, you are the victim of “the victim syndrome”!




Victim syndrome is a condition in which people always complain about the ‘bad things that happen” to them. The victims don’t accept responsibility for their actions and tend to blame others. They believe that others are responsible for their problems.





A person who is the victim of the Victim Syndrome is actually trying to avoid responsibility.


It seems as if the victims have a long list of excuses and reasons regarding why they cannot do something! If someone tries to help them by offering a solution, they have a ready-made negative reply to counter the solution.

Following are some simple activities, which will help you beat victim syndrome;


  • Make a check list – Write down all the things that happened in the past as a result of which you got hurt or exploited.
  • Let go – Forgive and apologize to the people who made you feel bad about your self. Moreover, forgive yourself too for letting the thing affect you.
  • Socialize – Get on with life and surround yourself with positive people.
  • Stay happy





Victim syndrome victims must accept the fact that the key to happiness lies entirely in their own hands and not in anyone else’s. It is important for everyone to know that only we are completely accountable for our attitudes and our decisions. At some point in life we all get hurt, but if people still use that excuse 20 years later then, they are not victims by circumstances in fact they are victims by choice!