Sehat Ka Tohfa

A Gift of Health

About Sehat Ka Tohfa

Chughtai Healthcare is proud to announce its prepaid gift card, “Sehat ka Tohfa”. With this gift card, your loved ones can now avail our healthcare services along with lifetime discounts.

The card will have 3 price points as per patient’s choice

Sehat Tohfa Card Information

– 5,000 price points
– 10,000 price points
– 20,000 price points
– Only available in Lahore
– Card Validity: Lifetime
– This card can be recharged from any Chughtai Lab Centers
– 6+1 Members can be added in the Sehat ka tohfa card


There are no additional card charges; the patient only pays the price points charges specified above, and those points are added to his card. The patient can use the points at any time.

Healthcare discounts included on Sehat ka Tohfa Gift Card are:

  • 35% off on Executive Health Screening
  • 15% off on Blood investigation
  • 15% off on Radiology Services
  • 10% off on Home Nursing Care

Valid across Pakistan (Also applicable on Home Sampling). Sehat ka Tohfa will be available at Chughtai Medical Centers Lahore.

All you need to know about Sehat ka Tohfa Gift Card:

  • What are the prepaid rechargeable amounts?
    Sehat ka Tohfa can be recharged for the following amounts:
    Rs. 5000 | Rs. 10000 | Rs. 15000 | Rs. 20000
  • What is the minimum prepaid amount of the card?
    The card can be charged for the minimum of Rs. 5000
  • What is the maximum prepaid amount of the card?
    The card can be charged for the maximum of Rs. 20000
  • Who can use the prepaid gift card?
    The prepaid gift card can be used by the registered recipient at the time of purchase. The registered recipient can add up to 5 five family members. The total user numbers cannot exceed 6 members.
  • Can I recharge the prepaid gift card online?
    In order to recharge the card, you will have to pay the chargeable amount at any of our centers.

شرائط و ضوابط

مِیعاد: Lifetime
This card can be recharged from any of Chughtai Lab Centers
Give “A Gift of Health” to your Loved Ones!

Sehat Ka Tohfa

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