گلابی کارڈ

پاکستان کی خواتین کے لئے ایک اقدام

Over the years we have learned that the first person to compromise on their health is our mother. May it be due to financial difficulty or social responsibility, the caretaker of the house is the first person to let go of the healthcare she rightfully deserves. When we decided to make October a free mammogram month, women turned up in big numbers. When we launched exclusive discounts on women-related tests and profiles, they opted for it more willingly. Hence, we deliberated and took a step as an organization – let’s offer discounts and services to our women that encourage them to make their health a priority.

After the successful launch and implementation of the Chughtai Healthcare Blue Card and Chughtai Healthcare Diabetes Card, we are now bringing to you an exclusive card to cater to women’s health – Chughtai Healthcare Pink Card.

Pink Card Information: 

  • Pink Card Price        Rs. 1000/-
  • Card Validity             2 year
  • Renewable Fee         Rs. 200/-
  • Members                   5 +1

Who is it for?

For the women of Pakistan and their families.

اِس کارڈ پر ہم کیا پیش کریں گے؟

Up to 50% discount ہم نہ صرف کارڈ کی حامل خاتون کو مندرجہ ذیل ٹیسٹوں پر پچاس فیصد (٥٠٪) تک ڈسکاؤنٹ دیں گے بلکہ اُس کے خاندان کے پانچ افراد کو بھی یہی رعایت دی جائے گی۔


Test Discount
Vitamin D 50%
میموگرام 50%
Executive Health Screening 35%
Hormone Profile 30%
Doctor Consultation 20%
Lab Test 15%
ریڈیولوجی 15%
Homecare Service 10%
چغتائی فارمیسی 8%



Pink Card

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