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Diabetes awareness activity | Nestlé Islamabad

Chughtai lab has taken the initiative under its ongoing campaign #BeatDiabetes and organized an awareness session and activity on Diabetes. Nestle has always encouraged the organization of such events in collaboration with Chughtai lab for the health awareness and wellbeing of their employees.

An effective awareness session was organized where medical doctors shared information regarding diabetes and explained the preventative and curative measures and provided guidance to the employees of Nestlé. Later it was followed by an activity where blood samples were collected from the employees and their diabetes was checked. This all-day event was held at Nestlé Islamabad factory on 13th November 2018.

All the employees who attended the session went home with quite a lot of information about their health and gained consciousness that they should be monitoring it carefully and should get them self-tested on regular basis.

Chughtai lab continues to strive hard in promoting such useful efforts.

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Health awareness activity at Star School Muslim Colony, Islamabad

Dr. Tahira Shahid of Chughtai Lab along with her Team delivered a workshop to educate the girls on hygiene, health, Common diseases, and their prevention.

Healthy eating habits, the importance of Daily exercises, routines, hygiene and cleanliness, Prevention and awareness of contagious diseases were discussed in detailed.

They also distributed amongst them toothbrushes, toothpaste, Notebooks, pens, and wristbands. The activity was delivered in Star School Muslim Colony, Islamabad.

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Mental and Bone Health Awareness Session at Superior University

The month of October is being celebrated by Chughtai Lab as the month of Mental and bone health. Chughtai lab as always believes in not only creating awareness about diseases and health conditions but offering their solutions to the common man as well.

Maintenance of mental and bone health is extremely significant for the overall well-being of human being and affect their performance. There could be multiple reasons behind poor mental and bone health. One of the common thing found in most people suffering from anxiety and depression is vitamin D deficiency.

Awareness seminar was organized on 5-11-18 at Superior University with the help of the Event management society, a comprehensive presentation was given by Dr. Mehreen Farooq, the senior medical specialist at Chughtai Medical Center.

The doctor clearly outlined the multiple reasons behind poor mental and bone health and highlighted the role of vitamin D not just as a vital vitamin but as a hormone which is essential for the body.

Multiple symptoms were listed in her presentation that should be considered alarming and dealt on an urgent basis. She further said, “ no one should ignore these symptoms, and get their levels tested.”

She further advised vitamin D rich food and encouraged students to make sure that they are taking the food that is advised and are keeping a check on their diet. Moreover, she said, if the deficiency is proved, Vitamin D supplements should be taken unless the vitamin D levels are maintained, then it could be kept maintained by food.

The presentation was followed by Q&A Session and students participated wholeheartedly. Flyers, bands, and discount Coupons were further distributed among students.

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Mental and Bone Health Awareness session at NUST Islamabad by Chughtai Lab

October is being celebrated by Chughtai lab as mental and bone health month along with breast cancer awareness. Chughtai lab as always believes in not only creating awareness about diseases and health conditions but offering their solutions to the common man as well.

As part of our campaign to fight depression, bone disease, and breast cancer via vitamin d testing and awareness, we organized at NUST Islamabad an entire day event commemorating mental and none health.

Not only did our doctor deliver a 45-minute talk on the subject to all the students and faculty but offered individual counseling sessions to the students who felt they needed advice and guidance on the subject.

The students actively participated in the interactive session and welcomed it with a lot of interest and willingness to learn. A lot of students got themselves tested as well so each student will never have to feel lethargic gloomy and not motivated to study only because of a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance that they weren’t previously aware of and that can be easily treated.

NUST C3A advisory the center for the mental health of students participated and praised the efforts of Chughtai lab welcoming Chughtai lab to continue serving the cause of health amongst students.

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Chughtai Lab participated in the Annual Gujranwala Family Festival

Gujranwala’s largest annual event; the Gujranwala family festival was held on the 19th till the 21st of October. Chughtai lab participated in this event carrying forward its mission to spread health awareness among the common masses.

Not only did our team speak to the participants educating each of the attendees on the importance of identifying diseases in terms of nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances and not always treating them as infections but also offered free and discounted lab testing so everyone might test for blood sugar, vitamin d, and cholesterol and a number of other tests and detect their health issues and address them well in time with the right approach.

The event was very well received and drew huge crowds to the message of healthy living.

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Hashoo Health Festival by Chughtai Lab

Hashoo Foundation held a first of its kind health fest at Pakistan national council of arts Islamabad. Chughtai lab was a part of the event as part of its health awareness campaign promoting mental and bone health.

Federal minister of health Mr. Amir Mahmoud Kiani visited our booth and praised our efforts in not just being a diagnostic service but an awareness medium In the twin cities spreading the word of healthy living.

A large number of health conscious people from all walks of life eagerly got their blood values tested and participated in the informative sessions. Renowned nutritionists, Psychologists, yoga and rekki experts, herbalists attended the event and asserted the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and praised Chughtai labs efforts in helping people identify their deficiencies in time and treating them.

City 24 and FM 101 covered the event to spread the word of good health even wider. The 2-day event shall continue till tomorrow evening.

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CME at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi by Chughtai Lab

Antibiotic resistance is a very important issue that has surfaced in our country lately. Incorrect and over prescription of various antibiotics has developed a strong resistance against them in our population.

Our microbiologist Dr. Sohail presented today to the medical unit of holy family hospital Rawalpindi a CME discussing the same.
He stressed how important it is for us to understand the graveness of this issue and what we can do to avoid it.

The presentation was attended by a large number of doctors who were eager to learn more about the topic.

It has been announced that Chughtai lab will continue to hold many more CMEs in the future in all medical setups discussing topics like antibiotic resistance, biosafety, and waste disposal etc.

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Health Asia International Exhibition & Conferences, Karachi – Chughtai Lab

Chughtai Lab team participated at 15th Health Asia International Exhibition & Conferences held at Expo Center, Karachi from 11th September to 13th September 2018.

The event was attended by the medical universities students, pharmaceutical companies, official delegations of ministries of health of all OIC and Asian countries, medical equipment manufacturers.

Healthcare professionals including doctors, policy makers, support medical services and material/product providers from the local as well as the international market also attended the event and appreciated the efforts of Chughtai Lab in uplifting and maintaining the standards of diagnostics in the region.

Doctors were briefed about our latest new tests that no other labs are offering as yet like food intolerance, lead poisoning, liquid-based cytology, and many others and they showed a keen interest in learning more about them.

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5th Annual Medical Symposium at AJK Medical College,Muzaffarabad

Chughtai lab participated in the 5th Annual Medical Symposium held at AJK medical college Muzaffarabad. It was a 3-day event held from the 30th August to 1st September 2018 and drew a huge number of eminent doctors from across the country.

Doctors and medical students were introduced to the many new facilities our lab is now offering in the region and nationwide in the field of health care. Prime minister of Azad Jammu n Kashmir (AJK), Principal of AJK Medical College and the cabinet of AJK visited the stall and appreciated the efforts of Chughtai Lab in uplifting and maintaining the standards of diagnostics in the region.

Doctors were briefed about our latest new tests that no other labs are offering as yet like food intolerance, lead poisoning, liquid-based cytology and many others and they showed a keen interest in learning more about them.

The importance of accurate reliable and timely testing that is both affordable and credible was asserted and agreed upon. Chughtai Lab and its diligent team interacted with the medical fraternity and discussed the current need for health care to be able to plan a Medical Centre and home care in the near future in AJK region.

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MOU Signing ceremony for the digitization of rare and old Pak-o-hind literature

Lahore: Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm have signed a memorandum of understanding for the digitization of archival literature of Pak-o-hind.

Chughtai Public Library, as a part of their free access to education, has taken yet another step further and successfully signed a memorandum of understanding with Dar-ul-ilm to digitize the archives of Pak-o-Hind. Through this MOU, thousands of antique books will be scanned and become available at the digital repository of Chughtai Public Library.

The ceremony was held between Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm on September 1st, 2018 at Chugtai Lab Head office. To survive in the digital age and stay relevant, libraries need to be digitized as people are taking less interest in reading books. Chughtai Public Library has not only introduced the concept of reading rooms but has also taken initiative to preserve our history through their scanning projects. It will make future generations realize what were we in the past and what are we now.

By making them online and accessible, it will become easy for them to read. Prof A.S Chughtai said, that our purpose is to scan old books, digitize them and preserve them for the future so that our future generations can take benefit from our rich history.

There are thousands of antique books of which some are 200 years or even 400 years old. Usman Rizvi, the owner of Dar-ul-ilm said we started Dar-ul-ilm in 2006 and we are happy to partner with Chughtai Public Library, as now assets of our forefathers can be preserved with the support of Chughtai Public Library.

Teachers and scholars from various institutes attended the ceremony. The chief guest and keynote speaker, Haroon-ur-Rasheed, the renowned journalist, also attended the ceremony and said, “there is no life of kings, the real life is of that beggar who has the knowledge of books and has friends with books.

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