Diabetes awareness activity | Nestlé Islamabad

November 13, 2018

Chughtai lab has taken the initiative under its ongoing campaign #BeatDiabetes and organized an awareness session and activity on Diabetes. Nestle has always encouraged the organization of such events in collaboration with Chughtai lab for the health awareness and wellbeing of their employees.

An effective awareness session was organized where medical doctors shared information regarding diabetes and explained the preventative and curative measures and provided guidance to the employees of Nestlé. Later it was followed by an activity where blood samples were collected from the employees and their diabetes was checked. This all-day event was held at Nestlé Islamabad factory on 13th November 2018.

All the employees who attended the session went home with quite a lot of information about their health and gained consciousness that they should be monitoring it carefully and should get them self-tested on regular basis.

Chughtai lab continues to strive hard in promoting such useful efforts.