MOU Signing ceremony for the digitization of rare and old Pak-o-hind literature

September 01, 2018

Lahore: Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm have signed a memorandum of understanding for the digitization of archival literature of Pak-o-hind.

Chughtai Public Library, as a part of their free access to education, has taken yet another step further and successfully signed a memorandum of understanding with Dar-ul-ilm to digitize the archives of Pak-o-Hind. Through this MOU, thousands of antique books will be scanned and become available at the digital repository of Chughtai Public Library.

The ceremony was held between Chughtai Public Library and Dar-ul-ilm on September 1st, 2018 at Chugtai Lab Head office. To survive in the digital age and stay relevant, libraries need to be digitized as people are taking less interest in reading books. Chughtai Public Library has not only introduced the concept of reading rooms but has also taken initiative to preserve our history through their scanning projects. It will make future generations realize what were we in the past and what are we now.

By making them online and accessible, it will become easy for them to read. Prof A.S Chughtai said, that our purpose is to scan old books, digitize them and preserve them for the future so that our future generations can take benefit from our rich history.

There are thousands of antique books of which some are 200 years or even 400 years old. Usman Rizvi, the owner of Dar-ul-ilm said we started Dar-ul-ilm in 2006 and we are happy to partner with Chughtai Public Library, as now assets of our forefathers can be preserved with the support of Chughtai Public Library.

Teachers and scholars from various institutes attended the ceremony. The chief guest and keynote speaker, Haroon-ur-Rasheed, the renowned journalist, also attended the ceremony and said, “there is no life of kings, the real life is of that beggar who has the knowledge of books and has friends with books.