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Hepatitis Free Pakistan

How you can get involved to Make Pakistan Hepatitis Free Pakistan with Chughtai Lab - Sehat ka number 03111456789

Hepatitis Free Pakistan

Awareness-raising campaign to encourage timely
diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis.

No one should have to live with viral hepatitis without knowing. Yet, globally more than 290 million men, women and children do. Unless there is a massive scale-up in screening, diagnosis and linkage to care, more people will become infected and lives will continue to be lost. With the recent survey about Hepatitis in Southern Punjab, the prevalence of this disease is found to be more than 10 percent.

What does the campaign do?

Recognizing the importance of this fatal disease and in continuity to our last year campaign “Hepatitis Free Pakistan” Chughtai Lab is providing awareness about its cause, importance of screening and prevention with an objective to make Pakistan free of Hepatitis.

You can be a part of this campaign by supporting the cause and change your profile picture with “Hepatitis Free Pakistan” frame. Together we can beat this fatal disease by diagnosing and treating it timely.

How can you get involved?

Join us in the quest to make Hepatitis Free Pakistan
by taking part in a range of activities.

Join us in the quest to make Hepatitis Free Pakistan by taking part in a range of activities.

  1. Share your story or experiences of diagnosis
  2. Educate colleagues about successful screening and testing initiatives.
  3. Share our educational videos.
  4. Use Chughtai Lab Frame to generate noise about this fatal disease.
  5. Contact us to get everyone screened at your university, college and office.

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Find The Missing Millions!

Who are affected by this disease to Make a
Hepatitis Free Pakistan

Without a massive scale-up in education, testing and subsequent linkage to care, we will not achieve the elimination of viral hepatitis. Our Hepatitis Free Pakistan Campaign with the global theme of World Hepatitis Alliance’s (WHA) “Find the Missing Millions campaign” will contribute to a timely diagnosis of Hepatitis by creating awareness to the general public and motivate them for screening and vaccinations.


Learn more about hepatitis here!

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