Chughtai Home Care

November 23, 2022

Why choose Chughtai Home Care Services?

Pakistan has a population of over 180 million people, most of whom live in rural areas. Despite the large population, only 37 percent have access to adequate healthcare. Of those with access to healthcare, a portion of people choose to seek treatment from home healthcare services instead of traveling long distances to hospitals or clinics. There are many reasons for this popularity, including cost and convenience. Read on to learn more about home health care in Pakistan and why it is such a popular choice for patients.

Delivering Compassionate Care at Home

Chughtai Healthcare’s Home Nursing Care 24/7 services began in 2017 and have catered to an estimated 60,000 plus at-home patients to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients at the comfort of their homes.
The home care team includes qualified and trained nursing staff, supervised by doctors and a UK-trained care coordinator to ensure that your loved ones receive exceptional medical care. The team is dedicated to delivering personalized medical care at home to a range of patients, be it someone who needs post-op assistance or is critically ill and ventilator dependent.

How to book Home Nursing Care?

To book Home Nursing Care 24/7, call us today at Ap Ki Sehat Ka Number 03-111-456-789 for a free initial consultation and a needs assessment. Our care coordinator will meet you, carry out a detailed evaluation of the patient’s condition, and draft a care plan based on the patient’s individual needs Once.

Why Should You Choose Chughtai Homecare?

With over 40 years of experience in healthcare, Chughtai has become a hallmark of quality services. Our Home Nursing Care is at par with international home care due to

  • Hospital-level care
  • Qualified and trained nursing staff
  • Faster recovery at home
  • A familiar environment for the Patient
  • Be surrounded by family and friends

Our Care Services

Chughtai Home Nursing Care 24/7 delivers care at various levels based on the individual needs of the patient.

  • ICU Levels Care
    • Critical Care
    • Palliative Care
  • Life Assistance Care
    • Post Operation Care
    • Elderly Care
    • Disability Care
  • Sehat Services
    • Home Sample Collection
    • X-Ray at Home
    • Physiotherapy at Home
    • Injections/Infusions at Home
    • Dressing at Home
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance Service
  • Facilities for COVID-19 at Home

Is Care at Home really worth it?

The Head of our Home Care, Ms Orda Suleman

“Homecare 24/7 is offered to allow easy access to highly qualified medical staff, including nurses, physiotherapists, and other caregivers, in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to make life easier for you and your family and to help relieve the immense pressure of caregiving placed on you by providing professional nursing care to your loved ones.”

Home healthcare is the perfect solution if you are looking for an alternative to hospital care!

Read what people have to say about Chughtai Homecare services:

                        “I am so grateful to Chughtai Homecare for looking after my mother, who is a cancer patient and needs assistance constantly. This was such a relief for us; it allowed us to continue working and living our lives without constantly worrying about my mother,” says Samina Ali.