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Archive for October 2018

Mental and Bone Health Awareness session at NUST Islamabad by Chughtai Lab

October is being celebrated by Chughtai lab as mental and bone health month along with breast cancer awareness. Chughtai lab as always believes in not only creating awareness about diseases and health conditions but offering their solutions to the common man as well.

As part of our campaign to fight depression, bone disease, and breast cancer via vitamin d testing and awareness, we organized at NUST Islamabad an entire day event commemorating mental and none health.

Not only did our doctor deliver a 45-minute talk on the subject to all the students and faculty but offered individual counseling sessions to the students who felt they needed advice and guidance on the subject.

The students actively participated in the interactive session and welcomed it with a lot of interest and willingness to learn. A lot of students got themselves tested as well so each student will never have to feel lethargic gloomy and not motivated to study only because of a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance that they weren’t previously aware of and that can be easily treated.

NUST C3A advisory the center for the mental health of students participated and praised the efforts of Chughtai lab welcoming Chughtai lab to continue serving the cause of health amongst students.

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Chughtai Lab participated in the Annual Gujranwala Family Festival

Gujranwala’s largest annual event; the Gujranwala family festival was held on the 19th till the 21st of October. Chughtai lab participated in this event carrying forward its mission to spread health awareness among the common masses.

Not only did our team speak to the participants educating each of the attendees on the importance of identifying diseases in terms of nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances and not always treating them as infections but also offered free and discounted lab testing so everyone might test for blood sugar, vitamin d, and cholesterol and a number of other tests and detect their health issues and address them well in time with the right approach.

The event was very well received and drew huge crowds to the message of healthy living.

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