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Blood donation drive & Hepatitis awareness session at Islamabad and its sister company are a new multinational group developing connectivity in our country. CHUGHTAI lab held its blood drive and Hepatitis campaign at its headquarters in Islamabad today.

There was a detailed awareness session stressing the importance of screening. Doctor’s consultation was available for guidance throughout the day and lab testing was performed.a simultaneous blood drive was also run alongside.
The entire strength of over 100 employees actively participated and got themselves screened for the silent killer. A huge number of donated blood generously. Chughtai lab not only collects and donates blood for free but also provides the donor with a complete blood screening and a host of other tests at no charge. The blood donation team along with the local team did a great job collecting the blood and in spreading awareness.

Overall the event was welcomed very heartily by the entire team . Every donor proudly posed with their Chughtai lab blood donor certificates and enjoyed every bit of the energy packed activity.

Every one acknowledged to having gone home feeling more aware of the impending risk of hepatitis and with better understanding of the disease with the assurance that they would now ascertain the importance of screening in their lives and in the lives of those around them and be feeling proud of having contributed back to humanity with their blood on this day.

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Hepatitis Awareness and Screening Camp at Nestle

Chughtai lab as part of its “Hepatitis Free Pakistan” campaign held yet another very successful event at the Nestle headquarters in Lahore.

Nestle has always encouraged the organization of such events in collaboration with Chughtai lab for the health awareness and wellbeing of their employees. The all-day event was held on 27 July 2018. Chughtai Medical Centre doctors gave a detailed talk on the deadly disease and explained the impending risks and asserted the importance of screening for its timely detection with complete treatment guidelines made available to all the workers.

Those present were offered an entire day of discounted screening and testing. A doctor was available to cater to individual queries and offer consultation and counseling free of cost. A lot of related literature was distributed in the form of flyers to educate the employees and a lot of material was on display to spread the message with visual impact. Overall it was a very informative and educative experience for everyone present. They surely went home with the message of health and the importance of screening with better awareness of the disease and its management.

Chughtai Lab continues to endeavor in identifying those amongst us and working for us in the society suffering from this silent killer so they may be treated well in time before its progression into a fatal disease.

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Hepatitis Awareness & Screening Camp in Rawalakot AJK

Chughtai lab as part of its ongoing hepatitis free Pakistan campaign held a free medical camp for over 200 people at the inauguration of Ali Imran medical center in Rawalakot AJK.

The camp organized by Mr. Saleem of Chughtai lab’s diligent team not only spread general awareness of the disease amongst the masses via counseling and the distribution of related material but also screened a huge number of people for the deadly ailment.
The attendees not only were tested for hepatitis but also offered discounted screening packages. The purpose was to ensure that the masses understand the importance of testing to identify underlying diseases or deficiencies and correct them in time with timely diagnosis and correct treatment at an affordable price.
The event was warmly welcomed by the Rawalakot community and Chughtai lab urged to continue to hold many such more camps in the future.

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CME on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

Chughtai Lab as part of its academic services to the healthcare sector conducted yet another CME on “Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology & True Cut Biopsy” in the Surgery Ward of DHQ Teaching Hospital, Sargodha on the 5th of July 2018. More than 30 professors, associate professors, medical officers and house officers attended the CME and appreciated the commitment of Chughtai Lab in developing, organizing and implementing quality educational activities. Chughtai lab endeavors to assist as many health professionals as possible in continuing education programs.

Such educational sessions not only introduce the attendees to a detailed explanation of various medical topics by highly trained and qualified professionals but also add to their skill set through hands-on workshops and live demonstrations ensuring complete knowledge-based grip on the subject being discussed.

Chughtai lab strives to continue imparting education along with health services and holding such cmes in the future as well.
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