Chughtai Lab and Chughtai Foundation seek to serve humanity by taking on innovative initiatives in the healthcare sectors of Pakistan. With a focus on prevention, our objective is to empower those in most need, particularly children and the elderly, in ways that lead towards sustainable change in their standards of living.




After conducting series of health care camps in Lahore and Islamabad, Chughtai Lab in collaboration with Chughtai Foundation organized one-day medical camp at Junior Leaders School Foundation on 30th August 2016 to endure their objective of healthy Pakistan.


The medical camp is based on a standard health protocol where kids are being assessed for their basic health. The camp includes a series of stations lined up starting from BMI (the measure of body fat based on height and weight) to the doctor’s consultation and the last step includes the administration of medicines. In case there is any requirement of medical test, free blood test service is also provided to children by Chughtai Lab. Doctors from various institutions joined the camp as a volunteer.


The basic aim of the medical camp was to ensure the health of students and provide them required treatment if necessary. After holding the series of camps, the most common illness that has been found in the children was Anemia. Iron deficiency anemia in children is very commonly diagnosed and treated at Chughtai Foundation Medical Camps.





Here are some important points about Anemia that you should remember!


What is Anemia?

Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is needed to transport oxygen in the blood.



Anemia can happen if

• Your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells
• Bleeding causes you to lose red blood cells
• Eating poor diet that may not contain enough iron
• During pregnancy, because it is the time when you need more iron. The amount of iron you eat during these times may not be enough.
• During the menstrual cycle, because the amount of iron you eat during this time may not be enough to replace the amount you lose with bleeding.



Anemia signs vary depending on the cause of your anemia. They may include:

• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Pale or yellowish skin
• Irregular heartbeats
• Shortness of breath
• Dizziness or lightheadedness
• Chest pain
• Cold hands and feet
• Headache
• A tingling feeling in the legs
• Brittle nails
• Tongue swelling
• Strange cravings to eat items such as dirt, clay or ice



A diagnosis of anemia usually involves:

• Complete blood count (CBC), that measures all components of your blood.
• Medical and family history, that indicates whether you are anemic due to illness or genetic problem.
• Others blood tests.
• If you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, your first step should be to consult your doctor.




Anemia can be detected by simple blood test known as complete blood count (CBC)


We will continue to conduct such camps in future in order to aware the parents about the nutritional needs of their child. If you find anyone around you who has the symptoms like mentioned above, do your part and educate others. Let us work together for a progressive Pakistan and say it loud together “Hamari Qaum- Hamari Zimmadari”


Chughtai Lab and Chughtai Foundation is keen to provide people with quality and service in all ways possible. We are serving the nation across Pakistan with our premium services like home sampling and different discounts off and on around the year.

Chughtai Foundation is fulfilling its CSRCorporate Social Responsibility by working day and night. Together with Chughtai Lab it has conducted many events and activities for the welfare of people by providing the deserving and unfortunate children free doctor’s consultation, medications and free lab investigations.

Moreover, Chughtai Foundation along with Chughtai Public Library is keen to develop a reading habit among students.

After conducting successful events in various schools in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Chughtai Lab in collaboration with Chughtai Foundation organized a one-day event in PSRDPakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of Disabled  on 23rd February 2016 in Lahore.



Free doctor’s consultation and free lab investigations for all the students including the disabled children were held throughout the day, it was a day filled with lots of smiles along with our brand ambassador Muniba Mazari.


Institute was decorated with Chughtai lab’s customized blue and white balloons. Each student was provided with basic hygiene kits and stickers. Children enjoyed the face painting, drawing and coloring session.


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Having strong, thick and luscious hair is a blessing, On the other hand, thin fragile and slow growing hair is either genetic or due to improper diet that lacks the sessential for your hair health.

Genetically different people have different rate of hair growth. On an average hair grows around a quarter to a half an inch monthly.

If you want strong and long luscious hair read these tips that will surely help you in getting perfect hair.


First of all, checking on the deficiencies biologically in your body is a must. You need yourself to be tested for the vitamins and minerals. Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C & D are associated with the hair growth, more over, iron and minerals like magnesium and zinc are also very essential. You need be sure that you are not deficient on any of these.


Deficiencies that you might not know are affecting your hair growth.


Vitamin A

You need to keep mindful eye on you vitamin A level. It has many health benefits including hair health. Deficiency of vitamin A can be seen by weakness of eyesight and skin problems.

Try to take foods rich in vitamin A like sweet potatoescarrots, dark leafy green vegetables and fish liver.


Vitamin B

Hair growth rate is associated with the consumption of vitamin B. It’s very necessary for faster hair growth. Consume all kinds of vitamin B all together in your diet including vitamin B complex.

Get your level of vitamin B checked. Where do you rank on vitamin B scale? Chughtai lab is offering B12 blood test. Get you self checked now!


Vitamin C

It’s not only good for immune system but also good for hair health; its present in many hair care products but obviously consuming it naturally is best that you can do to make your hair healthier.


Vitamin D

Winter season hermits you indoor that causes vitamin D deficiency as sunlight help to produce vitamin D in our body. Instead of taking vitamin D supplements try taking it naturally by exposing yourself in sunlight daily for sometime and also eat oranges, which is rich in vitamin C, which helps as a catalyst to produce vitamin D efficiently.


Chughtai Lab is offering 30% discount on vitamin D tests till 31st March’ 2016. Avail & be aware of the vitamin D level in your body.



Iron is extremely essential for our body. Having a lower iron level in body results in frequent hair loss. Chughtai lab is offering TIBC & Iron level test. Get yourself checked.


Pampering your hair


Get your hair trim on regular basis. Hair stylists and experts say a hair trim after every 5 weeks is important to get rid of split ends, rough hair and slow hair growth problems.

Get rid of your damaged hair by trimming the dead ends frequently.



Massaging & Masking


Massaging your scalp with good oils like olive & other essential oils increases the blood flow to your hair follicles, which definitely improves hair growth and health.



Masking your hair on regular intervals with egg, yogurt & some drops of olive oil condition your hair & provide proteins.





Deep condition your hair. Through recent researches experts say that conditioning before shampooing yield better results for your hair.

Apply conditioner 5 minutes before shampooing & see the results.




Brush Your Hair twice

Brush your hair in morning and evening time for 1-2 minutes to stimulate the circulation of blood in your scalp as well as to evenly spread your natural oil over your head.




Vitamin D is vital for muscles, bones and health. Research suggests it may have other benefits too, such as protecting against colds and fighting depression. Vitamin D is made in our body through exposure of sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Deficiency of Vitamin D may cause some serious problems like cancer.




Here are some ways to help you get enough vitamin D.


Take a balanced amount of Sunlight

UV radiation, Sun exposure is the best source of vitamin D. It prompts the body to make vitamin D, but too much sun exposure can increase risk of skin cancer. Nevertheless, a little amount of sun exposure without sunscreen can do the trick. 


Intake of food rich in Vitamin D

Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D. Rich sources include egg, milk, fatty fish, some margarines and many more. Food, however, only makes a small contribution and it is difficult to get enough vitamin D from diet alone.




Exercise on regular basis

Regular exercise aids production of vitamin D.


Intake of enough Calcium

Vitamin D and calcium works together to make your bones strong. Make sure you get enough calcium by including a collection of dairy products, leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and almonds in your diet. 


Limit caffeine intake

According to research caffeine may interfere with vitamin D receptors and inhibit its absorption. So avoid over consumption of caffeine products like coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks.



Speak to your doctor

Speak to your doctor if you are at the risk of low vitamin D. You might have low vitamin D if you get little or no sun exposure. Speak to your doctor before taking supplements or any medication.




Get tested for vitamin D deficiency

Get yourself checked to know if you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. This New Year Chughtai Lab is offering 30% discount on vitamin D test. So get yourself checked now.








We are pleased to announce that Chughtai Lab is now open in Karachi. The lab is located on Shaheed-e-Millat Road and there are six collection centers in DHA, Clifton, Korangi, Gulshan -e- Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Gulshan-e-Maymar. More centers are opening soon Insha Allah. 


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Lab tests are important.
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