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FCPS Residency Programs

Important Announcement

We are pleased to invite applications for FCPS Part II Training in following specialties. Please fill in the form and sent back to us before 23rd June 2018.Contact #: 03458406719 Email ID: Download Application Form

Education is one of the core values at Chughtai Lab. We are committed to the education and training of next generation of Pathologists to serve Pakistan.

Chughtai Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team of consultants who strive to train residents according to a structured program leading on to developing future consultants who can compete at national and international level.

Chughtai Lab offer FCPS residency in following specialties.

  1. Histopathology
  2. Haematology
  3. Chemical Pathology
  4. Virology