Chughtai Lab Telemedicine

Chughtai Medical Centers (CMCs) are an integrated solution to the healthcare needs of our patients. The medical centers offer clinic visits, lab tests, radiology tests, and pharmacy services, all under one roof.

Chughtai Medical Center is an initiative of Chughtai Lab and healthcare that aims to develop a comprehensive health care system for the people it serves. Chughtai Medical Center is established with a vision to make a difference in people’s lives via exceptional patient care.

With the onset of coronavirus COVID-19 globally, it is recommended for people to stay at their homes and practice social distancing. During this time getting medical help is difficult for people who require regular medical help and have some underlying health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

But staying healthy and taking care of health is important.

To ensure community health and facilitate individuals Chughtai Medical Center has launched its Telemedicine service. Our qualified doctors from various specialties will be available on call for a paid consultation from 10 am to 10 pm.

For more details please call us at 03-111-456-789

The Specialties include:
Child specialist
General Physicians
ENT Specialist
Medical officers

Chughtai Lab Telemedicine

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