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Reduce the chances of bone depreciation, fractures, and pain!

Osteoporosis is a bone disease where the bone health continues to decrease and become weaker over time and due to this, there are much higher chances of bone fractures. This year Chughtai lab has taken the initiative to celebrate World Osteoporosis Day through a campaign #ListenToYourBones. This is an informative campaign that aims at providing awareness to you all regarding your bones, how you can protect them and reduce the chances of bone depreciation, fractures, and pain.

Osteoporosis Symptoms

Back/neck pain/knee pain

Loss of height over time

A stooped posture

Weaker bones

Weaker grip strength

Weak and brittle fingernails

Frequent Fractures

Scale and explanation:

Vitamin D Scale - Chughtai Lab - Sehat Ka Number 03111456789

Sources of vitamin D


Dairy products i.e. Milk, Cheese, Butter, Yogurt


Citrus Fruits i.e Orange Juice, Grape Fruit, Kinnow Juice, lemon juice/ Lemonade etc.



  • Weight-bearing exercise
  • Calcium and Vitamin D rich diet like dairy fish and nuts
  • Maintaining the ideal weight
  • Regular Physiotherapy
  • Supplements and multivitamins
  • Maintaining the right posture
  • Proper sleep

What does the campaign #ListenToYourBones do?

It tends to inform you of the significance of healthy bones in your life

Introduce you to the symptoms of Osteoporosis

Guide you the remedies

Involve you in the campaign

How can you be a part of our campaign?

Feel free to share your experience

Don’t be an introvert, break the barriers and Speak up!

Share your videos that will be a source of motivation for others

Be our ambassadors and spread the word

Share our educational videos

Use the Chughtai lab platform to raise healthy discussions regarding bone health

Contact us and discuss your situation with us.

Get yourself tested today and know your vitamin d levels now.

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