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Fight Depression

One of the significant causes of Depression is Vitamin-D deficiency

Depression is a chronic mental/psychological condition which can lead to several life crippling circumstances and at times prove fatal. People suffering from depression should be carefully managed and monitored and should be provided with proper medical treatment. Vitamin D deficiency could be considered one of the most significant causes of depression. This year Chughtai lab has taken the initiative to celebrate the World Mental Health Day through a campaign #FightDepression. Through this campaign, we want to spread awareness regarding depression caused by vitamin D deficiency, about its symptoms and natural remedies to reduce the deficiency.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine Vitamin and it is an essential fat-soluble nutrient. It helps keep bones healthy and strong, helps cell growth, and benefits immune function. Vitamin D deficiency occurs when your body doesn’t absorb the recommended levels.

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Depression Symptoms

Feeling low and disinterested

Tired and gloomy all the time

Anxiety, anger, mood swings

Hopelessness, despair, sorrow

Unable to cope with stress

Difficulty sleeping through the night

Eating disorders


Weight gain and bone aches

Sources of vitamin D


Dairy products i.e. Milk, Cheese, Butter, Yogurt


Citrus Fruits i.e Orange Juice, Grape Fruit, Kinnow Juice, lemon juice/ Lemonade etc.


What does the campaign #fightdepression do?

#FightDepression tend to:

Spread awareness regarding the most significant reasons behind depression that is Vitamin D deficiency.

Involving the masses in discussion

Educating people regarding Vitamin D deficiency.

How can you be a part of our campaign?

Join us in our struggle to fight depression by eliminating Vitamin D deficiency from your life:

Feel free to share your experience

Don’t be an introvert, break the barriers and Speak up!

Share your videos that will be a source of motivation for others

Be our ambassadors and spread the word

Share our educational videos

Use the Chughtai lab platform to raise healthy discussions

Contact us and discuss your situation with us.

Sharing is caring: It will help you to turn your pain into relieve.

Get yourself tested today and know your levels. Check your levels before it’s too late! Know your vitamin d levels now!

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