During our lifetime, there would be several times when you will feel you’re done with your life, stumpy and old. There are times when things feel like getting away from you, out of your hand and betraying. Please don’t do that to yourself. There is always a way out to reboot your life. It’s […]

Summer is at its peak. I’m sure you all must be planning a getaway from this scorching heat to a cool and calm place in order to relax your mind and soul. Let’s face it; holidays are important as they give us the well-deserved break we need from managing our usual day-to-day life. But the […]

Have you ever seen a person with clenched fists, grinding teeth, pale face and contracted muscles? Or maybe you are that person yourself. Well, in either case, you must be quite familiar with the state of anger and its consequences. Yes folks, I’m talking about the common and often misunderstood emotion of human life – […]

As soon as winter appears to be right around the corner, we snuggle up on the couch in front of the fireplace and sip on a hot cup of coffee.  It feels great and cozy but at the same time those extra pounds we pack on becomes the reason for stress and depression. In those extremely […]

Winter is right around the corner and it seems like the perfect time to come back in to shape. It’s time to shed off those extra kilos, which you gained by rewarding yourself with sweet muffins and cold soft drinks to lower effects of the blazing summer heat.   Personally I love winters! You get […]

Even if a person is a heart patient or not, exercise is the primary principle and a must for active and healthy life. You know that one of the risk factors of heart disease is inactive and sedentary lifestyle. It’s on the top of all risk factors. A good point is that you can overcome […]

Do it because they said you couldn’t. Want to take challenge? Do you think you need to workout for active lifestyle? If no, then think again. Everyone needs little physical exercise on daily basis to remain fit. Term fitness implies overall physical health rather than a specific area such as cardiovascular strength, muscular strength and […]

Keeping fit in today’s time is a difficult task in itself. People hardly find time to socialize with their friends and family due to their busy schedule and hence a work out is completely out of question.   Exercising your way to fitness is also very important. Imagine you’ve just finished one of your best […]

Low back pain is a fact of life. Everybody suffers from back pain sooner or later in his or her life. One of the major causes of back pain is the low back strain. Do you know what low back strain is? Muscles and ligaments in your back tend to hold the spinal column in place. These […]

Sitting too long can affect you especially if we talk about those who work at offices.  Our daily working hours and daily routine limits us to get a time for any physical activity and most importantly quality time for the peace of mind. You know what is very important for us?  It is to be […]