We make health choices that cover basic health needs and provides optimal support for a healthy you. Though we try a lot, but still let’s rethink, is there anything that we may miss?   Yes! At times we overlook the fact that Vitamin D is an important element for human body and we usually […]

“Shine bright like a diamond” stones do have power to affect you. Stones are made up of minute crystals which are constantly in motion and hence they emit energies of different frequencies. Their energy draws us into their mysterious magic. Gemstones in the form of crystals are the part of mother earth and are composed […]

People with depression are easy to find. They possess some common characters like: sadness and gloominess. Depression affects us physically, socially and mentally. There are a lot of people around us who have hidden depression. Individuals who suffer from depression are not only introverts rather they can be extroverts as well. These individuals are experts […]

You can’t start the new chapter of your life if you are re-reading the last one. We get life once and it’s really important to live it out to its extreme, without regretting. Each person should have a journey full of adventures because everything turns out to be an experience or a memory. Some people […]

Cold and foggy days, dull evenings, short days and long nights, let’s welcome the winter together. I know that it’s the favorite season for the majority. Everyone relishes the winters with soups, fish, coffee, cappuccino and everything that keep them warm in this cold season. Do you think we forget something associated with winters? Yes, […]

Have you ever feel depressed during the specific time period for several years? Or have you ever noticed that you are inclined towards boredom and depression during a specific season? If yes, you are likely to have the seasonal affective disorder. Winter blues are common and they affect too in the same way but seasonal […]

Modern lifestyle has made our life much easier and fast paced but consequently we have become dependent on gadgets and tools to carry out our daily chores and to perform our routine tasks. This practice, no doubt, gives us quick results without utilizing much of our efforts and wasting our time but on the other […]

Are you placing objects at unusual places such as you put your car keys in the fridge or the dryer? Do you know someone who tends to forget names of their family members? Do you find it hard to follow simple directions or remember an entire conversation you just had with a friend? If yes, […]

I often find women working their way to weight loss by religiously following a certain diet plan. When you are fit and healthy, you feel confident and good about yourself. But adapting a right diet plan is very important. Mostly people don’t consult their doctor before making their diet plan hence they overlook the disadvantages […]

There is a common prevailing idea that one should sleep 8 hours per night. This is how everyone can function actively and can perform daily tasks without tiring and restlessness. Most of us are unable to sleep 8 hours a day because of busy schedules and daily demands of life. Yet another fact is that […]